Everyday we post a question on our Facebook page and every once in awhile the responses are incredibly passionate and sometimes amusing.

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The question we asked that really made us smile at the varied responses? Does Nutella belong in the fridge? The following are answers that people sent us at our Facebook Page. Thank you for joining in on the conversation! Everyday there is a new question. To find out what today's question is, click here. 

  • Timothy S. I don't keep it in the fridge. If the container was open and it was awfully hot inside, I probably would get it in there though. 
  • Patricia D. No, it belongs in your belly! LOL … just kidding … no, you don't need to refrigerate it … keep it tightly closed and in the cabinet/pantry ... 
  • Kelli R. No! Best kept in the pantry  
  • Taylor D. It belongs in the TRASH 
  • Suzan S. Sorry I cant answer cause I don't buy them anymore since when i do, i eat the jar in one day. No time to sit in cupboard or fridge  
  • Mel N. No 
  • Ruth S. No 
  • Maureen R. No 
  • Lindsay S. No 
  • Nicole T. Nope 
  • Maria E. Incorvaia No 
  • Stacia S. It belongs in the trash.  
  • Pamela D. does peanut butter? Nope 

Personally, I agree with the people who said that it belongs in your belly!

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