National Apple Pie Day was Wednesday, May 13, 2020 so our question (we post one question every morning on our Facebook page to get to know each other a little better) could've been, something simple like do you like Dutch Apple Pie or Double Crust Apple Pie better? No, couldn't do that,.as that would've been simple.

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So, there has always been one thing that confused me as to how some people can (or choose to) eat their apple pie with cheese melted on top of it. To me this is odd and baffling and potentially stomach upsetting.

However, since so many people do eat it that way, it's probably tasty, right? So long story short, this is how we reach out to ask this particular Lite-FM Question of the Day:

Have you ever put cheese on apple pie?

Here is what people responding to this question on our Facebook page had to say:

  • Kimmie Z.  My dad puts cheddar cheese on apple pie.
  • Janette: No!
  • Leslie B: My father in law would always have cheddar cheese with his apple pie - he enjoyed it - May god bless his soul
  • Norma G: People put a slice of cheddar cheese on it. And it’s been a “thing” for a long time.
  • Dorothy T: My dad loved a slice of cheddar on his apple pie
  • Doreen M: Yes, my grandmother used to say "apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze." Silly, but she was the best person I knew. Cheddar is best.
  • Michelle T Absolutely not
  • Richard O No. Is that a thing now?
  • Johnny K to Richard O: sounds so gross lol
  • Richard O to Johnny K: yep!
  • Johnny K to Richard O: Dutch apple pie with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream is the best
  • Richard O to Johnny K: warm up the apple pie, yum!!
  • Jay C: Never
  • Pamela J: i did once,it's actually pretty good.but my favorite is dutch apple pie,doesn't work as well with that
  • Olimpia A: No I never did
  • Kelley G: Cheese and apple is delicious. Just a slice of cheese on an apple slice. Yummy
  • Susie A: My mom did. She also ate fresh apples with cheese.
  • Ruth D: cream and whipped cream is better ❤️
  • Lynda K: No!
  • Marilyn H: No, hate cheese!
  • Jo Ann E: Ugh. Never.
  • Anita G: Yes!

So, it appears the consensus is that if you like cheese on your Apple Pie, then you really like, it but most folks would not turn down a slice of Apple Pie, especially if it were heated slightly and served with ice cream or whipped cream. Guess that should be another question for another day. Should pie be served cold or slightly warmed up? With or without ice cream?

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