So we asked the 94.3 Lite FM listeners the following question, "Was there a job that you hated so much, you quit the first day?" Here is what they had to say, these responses come from our Facebook page:

  • Edie: I got my job that I held for 22 years because the person that was hired instead of me went to lunch on the first day and never came back! 😂😂. Lucky for me!
  • Mary: Lloyd's in Newburgh... after being there an hour, I realized the position I applied for was not the position they were training me for. I asked where the restroom was and walked right out. They sent me a check for my hour though!
  • Colleen: Friendlys. Hated it!
  • Sheri: This was way back in the day but Mariner’s Harbor in Highland!
  • Rhonda: A well known financial company.. absolutely had to do everything they said I didn’t!
  • Cecelia: One of my bosses hired a lady and went over so much with her the first day. I asked her how she was doing. She was quiet. I said are you coming back tomorrow and she said no.
  • Michael: Yes security guard
  • Lee: Pastry garden
  • Dawn: McDonald's. Ack. It was gross
  • Dawn: Phone soliciting
  • Glenna: Too many to count!
  • Susanna: Merry maids they are scammers to there (sic) employees

Has this ever happened to you? Check out our Facebook page, to see what today's question is and join in on the conversation! ~ Brandi

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