Do you love candy? Do you think that the KitKat is amazing? Then never fear, the Hershey Chocolate Company is blowing everyone's mind with yet another limited-edition flavor or creation.

What is the newest creation and when will it be available here in the Hudson Valley? Keep reading for all the crunchy details.

What is the new limited-edition flavor of Hershey's Chocolate KitKat?

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The new limited-edition flavor of Hershey's Chocolate KitKat is based on the classic summer treat of Churro's.  

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What is a Churro? A churro is a snack that is usually deep fried and made out of a dough. Then when the dough has been cooked, it comes out of the oil and is tossed in cinnamon sugar.

When will the Churro flavor be available? Will it be added to the regular line or flavors of KitKat?

The new flavor of Churro is limited. It is here for the summer, making its first appearances starting in the beginning of June 2023. According to a press release from the Hershey Chocolate Co, the launch of the new flavor has been made to coincide with National Churro Day which is June 6.

Did you know that there are other flavors of KitKat then the original?

The other flavors include a fruity cereal version, a birthday cake version, a lemon crisp version, and even a key lime version. Which ones have you tried? Which is your favorite?

If you like this limited-edition Churro KitKat get them before they are gone, because just like summer days, these will also fade away.

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