I don't get easily offended when it comes to the internet. However, I have way too much Hudson Valley pride to let this one slide.

I'm fully aware we still have about 4 weeks left until the official kick-off of fall. Have I enjoyed a pumpkin spice flavored iced coffee? Of course I have, but I'm still loving this H.V. heat.

With that being said a list came across my timeline on social media and I clicked on it 100% thinking I would see some of my favorite Hudson Valley locations on said list.

I did not.

HouseBeautiful.Com created a list of the 25 Most Beautiful Places to See Fall Foliage. Places like Aspen Colorado and Tokyo, Japan made the list. And yet, the Hudson Valley was left off.

Well, technically the Hudson Valley did make the list as they included Sleepy Hollow. As we all know that's the LOWER Hudson Valley.

They also reported that New York City is one of the most beautiful places to see the leaves change. Listen, I'm sure the changing leaves in Central Park makes for a great photo op. But if you're going to enjoy real foliage you need the clean country air.

After overcoming my shock and disappointment I realized I had an outlet to let my voice be heard.

There needs to be an official petition that explains any list in the future that speaks about fall foliage MUST include more than 2 Hudson Valley locations.

Mount Beacon. Breakneck. Storm King. Mohonk. Minnewaska. These are just a few of the places I could name off the top of my head that are more enjoyable than NYC in the fall.

Where are your favorite places to check out foliage? I think we'll make an official list as we get closer to peak foliage season in the Hudson Valley. What do you think?


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