When you’ve been shopping at a store for decades, it’s a little jarring to hear that the store is for sale. Loyal customers know how hard it is to replace your favorites. Whether it’s your barber, corner store, pizza joint, or your favorite seafood market. And this time, it actually is Kingston's favorite seafood business.

Sea Deli seafood market and restaurant at 654 Broadway in Kingston, a family business, has been feeding seafood lovers in the Ulster County area for 47 years. They’ve been known and loved for having some of the freshest seafood in Ulster County and their careful preparation using the finest ingredients. Everything at the Sea Deli is homemade including their batters and saucers, soups and chowders, crab cakes, stuffings and more. So, you can see why finding out that the Sea Deli is for sale has a lot of Ulster County residents feeling devastated.

There is still some good news for those of you who wanted to enjoy the Sea Deli for this coming holiday. According to their Facebook page, they are still taking orders for Christmas Eve, but if you have a specialty order you must have it in by Dec. 19. Specialty orders include lobster, any seafood you normally don't see in the display, and all whole fish. They also have fresh fish, calamari , shrimp, clams and all other Christmas specialties. You can find out more by visiting the Sea Deli website.

I did not see a definite closing date for the Sea Deli, but I saw in an Ulster County Facebook group that it could be as soon as the end of this year. Hopefully, the new owners will carry on the tradition of fresh seafood and attention to detail that the current owners are so well loved for.

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