The summer activities in the Hudson Valley are continuously expanding. There are more trails to explore, historical sites to learn from, restaurants to dine at and entertainment spots to visit.

In Beacon, NY those who visit can walk Main Street from the beginning to end and never get bored. A Hudson Valley bar is named after Beacon's original name, have you been there before?

With the extensive amount of fascinating history in the Hudson Valley, it's no surprise that the oldest home is located in Dutchess County, NY.

A Dutchess County, NY Trail Is Closed For Repairs

Canva, Scenic Hudson
Canva, Scenic Hudson

The oldest home in Dutchess County, NY has ties to this trail that is closed due to repairs. The Madam Brett Homestead can be visited and so can the Madam Brett Park.

The announcement was made on social media regarding the trail being closed. The City of Beacon made a post on their Facebook page.

"Walkway closed, The walkway along the Fishkill Creek at Madam Brett Park will be closed starting Monday, July 24th for repairs."

Where Is Madam Brett Park In The Hudson Valley?

Canva, Scenic Hudson
Canva, Scenic Hudson

Madam Brett Park is located on South Ave in Beacon, NY. This park is located on the Fishkill Creek and is known for being a peaceful location with different trails, a waterfall and more.

Scenic Hudson shared information about the Madam Brett Park,

"Catheryna Brett, the first European settler in the present-day city, operated a gristmill here along Fishkill Creek, which later powered the Tioronda Hat Works (whose ruins sit adjacent to the park). "


"More impressive — and intact — are the natural features. Fishkill Marsh furnishes a home for amphibians and aquatic mammals and provides hunting grounds for ospreys and bald eagles and a stopover for migratory birds. A waterfall on the creek is especially impressive, and raucous, in spring or after heavy rains."


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How Did Hudson Valley Residents React To The Closing Of This Popular Trail?

Hudson Valley residents were eager to find out additional information about the closing of this Dutchess County, NY trail.

"How long is it expected to take to repair it?"


"Any estimate of how long it’ll be closed for? Guess I’ll be finding a new running route! 😅"


"Any idea for how long? And thank you for the heads up."


"Can a trash receptacle be installed, please? Fisherman are just tossing lines and trash in or by the creek, a bin may help,"


The City of Beacon responded in the comments section,


"The work is just replacing the side railings on both sides. It should take a week or less, but it really depends on the weather."

Those interested in the re-opening of this Dutchess County, NY trail can follow the City of Beacon on Facebook as they were responsive to comments about this issue.

Where is your favorite park in the Hudson Valley? Have you been to Madam Brett Park before? Let us know below.

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