While out at dinner or for drinks, have you ever wondered where the restaurant you're at got its name from? This is something that I have thought of several times while dining out, especially at one particular place in Beacon, NY.

Hudson Valley towns once referred to themselves by different names in the past.

Kingston, NY was known as Wiltwyck. New Paltz, NY was known as Old Paltz. Rhinebeck, NY was called Kipsbergen in the past.

In fact, I was at a Beacon restaurant and thought to myself, where did their name come from? I did my own research and came across some fascinating, historical information about Beacon.

It's no surprise that with all of the extensive amount of history in the Hudson Valley, we don't discover everything about surrounding towns more often.

A Hudson Valley Bar Is Named After Beacon's Original Name

What do we actually know about Beacon, NY? It is now known as a "Mini Manhattan" and certainly has something for everyone.

In the past, a Beacon bar was actually snubbed on Yelp. This Dutchess County hotspot is also known for the hike on Mt. Beacon and its diverse Main Street shopping, eateries, experiences and more.

However, the history of Beacon may not be as prominent and popular as all of the exciting new things to see and do there. One bar thought that it would make sense to name itself after Beacon's original intended name. Do Hudson Valley residents know this history?

How Did A Hudson Valley Bar Get Its Name?

Known for being a place where, "craft beer enthusiasts, cocktail connoisseurs, and food fanatics' come together," it doesn't get much better than this.

According to Melzingahs Tap House in Beacon, NY, they bring "modern American fare" to the Hudson Valley and have craft beer on tap. From personal experience, their appetizers and cocktails enhance any experience.

What Does Melzingahs Tap House Have To Do With Beacon's Original Intended Name?

According to the Beacon Historical Society, Beacon was once referred to as "Matteawan and Fishkill Landing".

The Historical Marker Database explained that,

"The city of Beacon was created when the old villages of Matteawan and Fishkill Landing merged in 1913. Our settled community dates back to 1709, when Catheryna and Roger Brett chose this spot in all of the vast Rombout Patent to make their home. Matteawan, home of our first factory, grew up around the Brett homestead and the water power of the Fishkill Creek. Fishkill Landing became an important river port and the earliest ferry landing along the Hudson."

The Matteawan Train Station was built in 1869 and its historical marker can be seen today. Besides Beacon being referred to as Matteawan and Fishkill Landing, it also had planned on going by another name. Dutchess County's oldest house, The Madam Brett Homestead is one of the most popular and historic spots in Beacon, NY.

The Madam Brett Homestead Was Connected To "Melzingah"

According to the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area and the National Park Service, 

"Madam Brett Homestead is located in Beacon, NY. In the early 1700's, Roger and Catheryna Brett came to live with their children. They hired a Long Island architect to build what is now known as the Madam Brett Homestead. It is a Dutch-style residence."

According to The Daughters of The American Revolution,

"Roger and Catheryna Rombout Brett built the homestead about 1709, on property inherited from her father, Francis Rombout."

According to the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area and the National Park Service, 

"Today, the Madam Brett Homestead is the oldest house in Dutchess County and is maintained by the Daughters of the American Revolution. "

Who Are The Daughters Of The American Revolution?

According to The Daughters of The American Revolution, The deed of The Madam Brett Homestead was signed over to Melzingah Chapter NSDAR.

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The Melzginah Chapter NSDAR was founded by Katherine Wolcott Verplanck.

The Melzingah Chapter NSDAR Played A Role In Beacon, NY


According to the Melzingah Chapter NSDAR,

The first meeting of the "local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution on November 13, 1895 in Matteawan". Chapter members were interested in preserving local historical sites at the time. Graves of war soldiers were marked along with monuments that brought attention to what was going on.

"One of the most prominent of Melzingah's monuments is the tall stone "beacon" dedicated July 4, 1900, atop Mount Beacon.  It was dedicated to the men who were stationed atop the mountain during the American Revolution to maintain a series of signal fires.  To this day, it serves as a reminder of their valor and as a symbol for the city that chose the name "Beacon" in recognition of the site's significance."

With all of the impressive information that was collected about Beacon and its previous name, it's not a surprise that local businesses would pick up historical names to use.

What are some towns with historical names that some people may not know about? Share with us below.

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