On a regular basis in the Hudson Valley, it's not unusual to see historical homes, sites and markers. Some parts of the Hudson Valley date back to at least the 1600s.

Each county has its own story to tell or two. In fact, Hudson Valley residents could trace their ancestry back to a certain time period and discover if their ancestors helped settle land in our area.

Hudson Valley historic homes, sites, and markers are available for us to explore and learn about. The Hudson Valley and its land have ties to major historical events that pre-date the American Revolution and up until the present day. 

Along with those who settled before us, there were also influential members of society and celebrities that also made a difference in the Hudson Valley from Sojourner Truth to FDR and many more.

President Theodore Roosevelt made an appearance in Kingston, NY around 1901. Hudson Valley residents have been trying to guess the exact location, street corner and address of a historic picture. Kingston, NY had a name prior to the one that it has now. It also is the location where the "Oldest Intersection in America" exists.

Hudson Valley Residents Can Take A Peak At Dutchess County's Oldest Home


I have visited many historical sites throughout the Hudson Valley and look forward to continuing to do so. One summer, I went to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's house and Eleanor Roosevelt's house as well, both in Rhinebeck, NY. In Rhinebeck, I also visited FDR's cousin's house and took in the beautiful scenery of the Hudson River. 

I came across Uncle Sam's house in Catskill, NY, and was surprised to find a tiki bar open to the public. While driving, I also came across astonishing, historical markers that provide stories of those who helped the Hudson Valley become what it is today.

Are you ready to take a peek at Dutchess County's oldest home? You may have been there already or spotted it while driving.

Have You Heard Of The Madam Brett Homestead?

According to the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area and the National Park Service, 

Madam Brett Homestead is located in Beacon, NY. In the early 1700's, Roger and Catheryna Brett came to live with their children. They hired a Long Island architect to build what is now known as the Madam Brett Homestead. It is a Dutch-style residence. 

According to The Daughters of The American Revolution,

"Roger and Catheryna Rombout Brett built the homestead about 1709, on property inherited from her father, Francis Rombout. She received his one-third of the original 85,000-acre Rombout Patent."


"The original document is on display at the homestead. Widowed at an early age, Madam Brett remained in the wilderness to raise three sons and run several successful business ventures. The home was inhabited by seven generations of the Brett family, and significant interior furnishings reflect several periods."

Visitors get to see all 17 rooms of the historic home when visiting.

How Is The Madam Brett Homestead The Oldest In Dutchess County?

According to the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area and the National Park Service, 

"Today, the Madam Brett Homestead is the oldest house in Dutchess County and is maintained by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Architectural features include original scalloped shingles, Dutch doors, and sloping dormers."


"The home’s interior is decorated with original Georgian, Empire, and Victorian furniture; a collection of 18th-century Chinese porcelain; silver tea sets; displays of early doll collections, textiles, and tools; a copy of Houdon’s bust of Robert Fulton; a punch bowl presented by Lafayette; plus items belonging to Catheryna Brett."

There are also five acres that surround this historic home. The acres include a brook, a garden and a historic, New York tree that dates back to the times of Catheryna Brett.

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The Madam Brett Homestead Is Supported By A Popular Organization

According to The Daughters of The American Revolution, The deed of the house was signed over to Melzingah Chapter NSDAR.

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Visitors Can Explore The Madam Brett Homestead In Beacon, NY

According to Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area and the National Park Service, 

Tours are every second Saturday from 1 pm-4 pm. This is from May until December.

Madam Brett Homestead

50 Van Nydeck Avenue, Beacon, NY 12508

Where is your favorite place in the Hudson Valley to learn about history? Share with us below.

Have You Been To FDR's Cousin's House in Rhinebeck, NY?

Some may only know about FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt but there were other family members who played a role in the Hudson Valley.

Thomas Suckley and his wife Catherine Murray Bowne created history in Dutchess County, NY. Their estate called "Wilderstein" was designed in the 1800's. 

According to Wilderstein.org, the meaning behind the name of their estate means "wild man's stone". This was in reference to "an Indian petroglyph on the property, a reminder of the cultural heritage that preceded European settlement of the region."

By the late 1800's, the son of Thomas and Catherine (Robert Bowne Suckley) along with his wife, Elizabeth Philips Montgomery decided to add onto the estate.

This "Queen Anne style mansion" is also known for its beautiful views, lush landscape and large property. There were three generations of the Suckley family members that lived at Wilderstein. 

Who was related to FDR?

Margaret Suckley was not only just a cousin of FDR but they spent quality time together. She traveled with FDR during his presidency and gifted him his black Scottish terrier dog, Fala.
Margaret also helped FDR form his library located in Hyde Park, NY.

Some would also say that she was a "confidante" to him as well. Margaret was with FDR when he passed away in Georgia. She died at the Wilderstein estate in 1991 at 100 years old.

Margaret was the last resident to live at Wilderstein. 

Wilderstein is also known as "the Hudson Valley's most important example of Victorian architecture."

Hudson Valley Businesses That Opened in 2023

If you're looking for the newest hotspot in the Hudson Valley, you don't have to search far. The hottest nightclub in the area may be right in your neighborhood. An authentic taco spot has opened in Orange County, NY and residents have returned numerous times for their mouthwatering meals.

A fan favorite Rhinebeck, NY restaurant has announced their second location in Ulster County, NY. A korean style restaurant has taken over the same building and location of the beloved and popular, Tony Boffa's Restaurant.

Kingston, NY's Ole Savannah owner made an announcement of their new restaurant. This will open in Uptown Kingston in early Spring. A seafood restaurant closed their doors in Middletown, NY but recently reopened in Monroe, NY.

A new plaza opened in Orange County, NY that brought several, local businesses to one location. Within this location, guests can fill up on gas, get their nails and hair done, stop in for some tacos and cash in their cans and bottles.

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