Have you ever thought about the different styles of pizza? There is the pizza that we know (and love) here in New York State, which is a thin-ish chewy crust, that holds plenty of toppings, can be folded and easily reheated the next day or eaten cold from the fridge.

But what are the other types of pizza that you may or may not know about? St Louis style? Florida style? What the heck is Florida style? Chicago? Let's grab a slice and discover what the difference is between these types. 

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What are the other non-New York Style pizza types? Are they good?

Shannon O'Hara
Shannon O'Hara

I have never heard of Florida style pizza, have you? What is it? Essentially it is sauce and cheese inside a folded pizza crust (think flat calzone) that is then deep fried. Hey, I would try it. Would you?

Chicago style pizza with the deep dish is another known style which is potentially tasty as well. Chicago is deep dish style, with a slightly different crust. It also has the cheese and the meat on the bottom of the crust, then it is topped with tomato sauce and then baked. It is do thick (approximately 2 inches thick) that it can take 45 to 50 minutes to bake.

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What about St Louis style pizza? Can you even get that in New York State?

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St Louis style is a very thin crust (think crackeresque) with minimal toppings, but it is cut into about 15 rectangle-ish slices, no triangles there. The other thing that makes it stand out as St Louis style is the Provel cheese. Provel cheese is a white processed cheese, that melts well, think of it as a combination of provolone, swiss and cheddar. Think you want to try this style? You're not going to find it in the Hudson Valley, you might have to head to the Mid-West to get your hands on one of those.

Lastly we need to check out Detroit Style Pizza. You might look at a Detroit Style Pizza and think to yourself, hey this is a Sicilian or a Grandma's style pizza, its close. What separates this is the size. The size comes from when the Detroit automakers would use the same pans that they used on the assembly line to make lunch in, voila, the Detroit Pizza was born. You will also get super crispy cheesy corners on a Detroit pizza. Yes, there are multiple places in the Hudson Valley where you can get your hands on some great Detroit pizza. Win, win!

What style is your favorite style of pizza? Where is the best place to get pizza in the Hudson Valley?

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