Over the past couple of years, we have watched some of our favorite Hudson Valley businesses open, close and move. While some we congratulate and wish them the best, we also welcome new shops to bring life to the community and a fresh start.

In Chester, NY the community came together to bring in well wishes for a wellness sanctuary that recently opened. Guests can expect different events and workshops to take place here.

In Putnam County, an "australian style cafe" also opened. After looking at their menu, I'm excited to try their goat cheese and onion and splash it down with one of their speciality drink options.

Recently, an Orange County business made an announcement on social media of their opening day.

A Hudson Valley, NY Bank Gets A Delicious Upgrade

Canva, Allison Kay, Google Maps
Canva, Allison Kay, Google Maps

An Orange County, NY bank closed and was replaced by a new business with delicious food and drink options. This small and quaint town has a lot of different restaurants, cafes and local businesses.

Before this new hotspot, a bank was located in the building that is now a thriving business for all to enjoy.

Woodfire Pizza, Smoothies And More Take Over Previous, Goshen, NY Bank Location

Davey's, Facebook, Canva
Davey's, Facebook, Canva

Out with the old and in with the new food and drink options in the Village of Goshen, NY. Orange Bank & Trust Company once lived on North Church Street but was recently replaced.

This new business is in a convenient location to the local firehouse, restaurants, bike shop and more. Guests can take a stroll around town to experience different opportunities and make a pit stop at this location to try the newest food in town.

Woodfired pizza, smoothies, nitro cold brew and more options are available in Goshen, NY.

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Davey's Barista Opened In The Previous, Orange Bank & Trust Company In Goshen, NY

Davey's, Facebook, Canva
Davey's, Facebook, Canva

Those who want to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner can have it all at Davey's. Lattes, iced coffees, whey smoothies, Red Bull refreshers and more drinks options can be found at Goshen, NY's newest hotspot.

Woodfired pizza options, sandwiches and more food options will be available. On social media, guests have shared their positive reviews on Davey's Barista's Maple Bacon Donut Burger and Sausage and Peppers Hero.

Davey's Barista made a recent announcement on social media,

"Thanks to everyone welcoming me to Goshen these last few days..To the beautiful comments.. Just hang in there Davey is not done yet..


What Makes Davey's Barista Unique To The Hudson Valley?

Davey's Barista takes pride in,

"Davey’s Kick Ass Food/ everything under $12.99"

Those who are looking to try something new and not spend too much can visit the Village of Goshen's newest business.

Hudson Valley residents left comments on Davey's Barista social media account,

"Making me hungry!!"


“I'm so excited!!!”

Davey's Barista

146 N Church St, Goshen, NY

Where is your favorite, new Hudson Valley business located? Will you visit Davey's Barista? Share more with us below.

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