Do you check to see what’s expired in your home?

Recently, I was using an everyday item and realized that it had an expiration date. I was unsure on how something as a toiletry could actually expire. 

At times, we may also get confused on the best before and the actual expiration date of products. The best before sticker can explain how long the product will be at its highest level of quality while the expiration date is how long the ingredients in food or an item can last before going bad.

It makes sense when we see expiration dates on items such as refrigerated drinks, cheeses and meats. However, there may be items that we have never expected to expire that we could still be using.

A poll on WRRV was taken to gather information about Hudson Valley residents.

"What’s something in your house that’s expired but you still use? 😂 GO! -Allison"

Household Items the Hudson Valley Uses After Their Expiration Date

Every items in our household may have an expiration date. It could be items that we use in our kitchen, bathrooms and medicine cabinents.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

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Can We Use These Prodcuts After Their Expiration Date?

The Food and Drug Administration shared,

"Once the expiration date has passed there is no guarantee that the medicine will be safe and effective."


"If your medicine has expired, do not use it. According to the DEA many people don't know how to properly clean out their medicine cabinets."

The Hudson Valley also shared additional comments on what has expired in their household but they still use it anyway.

"My patience"

"My husband and rubbing alcohol :D"

What household items do you continue to use after the expiration date? Tell us more below.

Eat Your Way Through The Hudson Valley With The Best Ice Cream

I have always enjoyed stopping by my favorite local ice cream shops and choosing a new flavor. Whether it's a hot fudge sundae, chocolate peanut butter ice cream in a cone, or an ice cream sandwich, count me in.

The Hudson Valley has strange ice cream flavors. From lemon poppyseed to thai iced tea and barn boots, there aren't any boring flavors in our area.

A 'Premiere' Hudson Valley treat shop was expanding their space during the winter months to prepare for a busy summer season.

Thankfully, we have a large selection of local ice cream shops to visit in the Hudson Valley.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

See How The Girl Scout Cookie Options Have Changed Since 1912

Can You Remember Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie growing up?

As much as we enjoy Girl Scout Cookies in 2023, we often miss the ones that we used to love growing up. Have you heard of my personal favorite Girl Scout Cookies that are now retired?

Shortbread cookies are always a win. This Girl Scout Cookie was dipped in chocolate and it also had a friendly message on it. It had the words "Thank You" on it.

Ole Oles
These powdered sugar cookies were delicious. They also had pecans and coconut mixed in and were reduced fat.

Lemon Chalet Creme
This was one of my favorite lemon cookies to ever exist. How could a lemon sandwich cookie ever go wrong? The added cinnamon and ginger made it one of a kind.

I remember that these cookies were named after the founder of The Girl Scouts, Juliette Low. It reminded me of a chocolate turtle with its being covered in caramel, pecans and milk chocolate.

Ra Ra Raisens
This was unlike your ordinary raisin cookie. This Girl Scout Cookie brought in oatmeal and yogurt chips with the raisins.

Savannah Smiles
This Girl Scout Cookie knew how to put a smile on your face. They were lemon wedge cookies with powdered sugar.

Which Girl Scout Cookies Are Your Favorite?

I loved the Girl Scout Cookies that were discontinued but also enjoy the present day one as well.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

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