Hudson Valley business owners live busy lives. As the Hudson Valley continues to grow, so does the production and upkeep of several local establishments.

In Orange County, a popular Italian eatery has opened their second location and Adam's Faireacre Farms opened their fifth location. In Ulster County, a well known-wellness business has reopened their doors and a cafe has modified their business hours.

All throughout the Hudson Valley, business owners are soaking up the changes in the area and in their personal lives as well.

A Dutchess County, NY Bakery Continnues To Slay With Business Pivot

When having a conversation, sometimes people say that it's not about what someone is truly saying but it's more about their tone. Whether you agree or disagree with that, I believe that with social media, it's all how we can bring our personality into what we write.

This could be as simple as a text, a post on social media or leaving a comment online. A Dutchess County, NY business made an announcement on social media. As their announcement was to inform guests of the changes that would be taking place with their business, I enjoyed reading how the post was written.

With words such as "slay" and "pivot", it felt as if I was having a conversation face to face with the owners of this popular bakery. Sweetbakes Cafe in Dutchess County, NY has not only gained customers in the Hudson Valley but followers on social media with pictures and videos of their beautiful cakes, cupcakes and more.

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Where Is Sweetbakes Cafe In The Hudson Valley?




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Sweetbakes Cafe is located in the Eastdale Village of Poughkeepsie, NY. The owners, Jenny and Bob shared their story on their website.

"Our very first brick-and-mortar shop was established in 2017 in the Village of Wappingers Falls, but our story began many years before, with baking cakes and treats for the birthdays for our three beautiful, very active children." 


"Our cakes eventually developed into a small in-home business as we gained buzz with friends and family. Finally, we decided to take the leap, and we both left our jobs in healthcare to officially open Sweetbakes Cafe! "


"We count our blessings every day that we have true supporters and we appreciate your continuous patronage."

Sweetbakes Cafe enjoys bringing custom designed cakes and delicious treats to the area. They take pride in their goodies being all baked in house. Sweetbakes Cafe uses the best quality ingredients as well which explains why they have their name on several awards.

Sweetbakes Cafe can proudly say that they won Best of Hudson Valley (Desserts & Waffles) in 2019, and have also been nominated for Best Bakery & Wedding Cake in 2023.

What Changes Will Be Made To Sweetbakes Cafe?

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On social media, Sweetbakes Cafe made a post to inform their loyal customers of changes within the business. Their post can be found above and also explained from the caption as well.

"Hello friends! Jenny here!"   "I have been baking and caking my little heart out, and in order to continue to slay what I do best, I will be available by appointment only."  


"Waffles & Crepes are no longer available. Dry your eye. The core of Sweetbakes has always been CAKES! It was my hobby that became my outlet, and then became my passion."


  "The needs of an individual change, and it’s time that I put my needs first. I’m a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend."  


"I have to be the best version of me to support all the roles I play in my life…..then comes the business owner."  


"There’s a power in finding what makes you happy, and making cakes is my happy place. But sometimes you have to pivot a little to make it work for you. And that’s what I’m doing. I am truly grateful. ~Jenny"

What Was The Hudson Valley's Reaction To The Latest News From Sweetbakes Cafe?

The Hudson Valley left kind comments on Sweetbakes Cafe's recent post on social media.

"Proud of you and can’t wait to continue to support you and pass clients your way🖤"


"Being a business owner is not easy .. it’s all consuming. We used to work six days a week from 7 to 7 and panicked when we closed for a week once a year for vacation ! Finally we realized we were worth waiting for. Good luck finding balance it’s not easy. It’s hard to find staff that will run your business that meet your expectations and you can fully trust."


"❤️ We’ll always be here to support you!"

Where is your favorite place to get sweets in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below,  let your sweet tooth do the talking.

Sweetbakes Cafe

31 Eastdale Ave N, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

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