Contact tracers are necessary for the beginning phases of our state's reopening processes. What do these jobs entail and just how much money can you make helping in the fight against the coronavirus?

As New York begins the early phases of starting to reopen doors of businesses that were forced to close their doors, thousands contract tracers are being hired across the state. What exactly is a contact tracer? According to the CDC, it's fairy basic. It's almost exactly what it sounds like. They try to pin point who an infected person might have come in contact with while having the Corona virus.

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Anyone can learn basic contact tracing principles here.

Do you qualify to be a contact tracer and who's hiring? There are several contact tracer positions posted online from staffing agencies. The qualifications from some of these agencies are very minimal. How much does it pay? Unfortunately, most of these listings don't have the hours or salary posted.

There was a much more qualified position being hired for the The Fund for Public Health in New York City that was offering over $50k. Their application requires experience in the medical field and a bachelor's degree.

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