Some people who have already been to the Great Escape in Lake George this spring have snapped photos of this nostalgic attraction, hoping to preserve a childhood memory.  Right now it just looks as if it's "temporarily closed," but this oldie but goodie is permanently retired.

The Giant Wheel still stands tall in the very same spot it's been since 1989.  It's a bit of a hike to the back of the park where it towers over the Northwoods Picnic Area in between the Alpine Bobsled and the Raging River.

But this 90 foot high rotating wheel has seen better days and unfortunately, many of us may have seen it for last time.

Devoid of canopies that dress it up and riders hoping to create new memories, speculation  started a few months ago when it was learned that the Great Escape was doing away with a ride this season.  It was then confirmed through a tweet when a curious fan of the Adirondack theme park inquired about the wheel's status.

Photo: Google Maps


In 1983 Storytown USA became known as The Great Escape.  It was during those formative early years of its existence that rides like the Steamin' Demon' and Raging River were added.  In 1989 the Giant Wheel became part of the theme park and while the Giant Wheel may never have been the shiniest, fastest or most marketable of all the rides or attractions, a theme park seems almost incomplete without it.

The Giant Wheel holds a certain nostalgic charm for so many people here in the Capital Region who grew up going to Storytown and The Great Escape. The Great Escape has yet to go public with their plans for life after the wheel, but clearly they're making room for something else perhaps faster, shinier and more marketable.

But classic and nostalgic?  Time will tell.

Photo: Google Maps

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