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Wife of Missing Kinderhook Man Pleads for Public’s Help
An alert went out on Wednesday afternoon about a 50-year-old Kinderhook man who was last seen on Tuesday.  In a Facebook post shared by the Columbia County Sheriff's Department, hundreds of people shared the information while sending prayers for his safe return.  Wh...
Great Escape Retires Nostalgic 80’s Attraction
Some people who have already been to the Great Escape in Lake George this spring have snapped photos of this nostalgic attraction, hoping to preserve a childhood memory.  Right now it just looks as if it's "temporarily closed," but this oldie but goodie is permanently retired.
WWE Star Visits Albany 20 Years After Life-Changing Title Win
Back in October of 2000, a packed house at the Pepsi Arena in Albany (and a massive PPV audience) watched WWF superstars The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rikishi, Triple H and Kurt Angle in the third and final event in the "No Mercy" trilogy. That night, many memories were made and those who were in attendance remember the excitement and energy like it was yesterday including WWE Hall
Bald Eagle Shot Dead in NY, Reward Sits at $5K
It's so tragic to think that some sicko would take aim at a beautiful and innocent animal and actually have it in their heart to pull the trigger of a large-caliber rifle to shoot it dead.  Just one week ago, GNA was invited out to Cobleskill, NY for the launch of the Schoharie County Eagle Trail and it was truly a special day for all of us involved.  As the bald eagle population in the area and t
Cuomo: ‘The Great New York State Fair Will Go On!’
The sites, the sounds, the smells, the food, the demolition derby; anyone else longing for the return of state and county fairs?  Well, you're not alone.  A few months ago, Governor Cuomo hinted that the return of state fairs was something that he was prioritizing. “I personally love the fair. I love what we’ve done with the fair,” the Governor said during a February news conference. He added “If
100’s of New Yorkers Flood Cuomo Impeachment Hotline
The firm handling complaint messages and emails left by vexed New Yorkers say they've been inundated with claims against the much maligned Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo.  The voicemails and emails - estimated to be in the hundreds - will take months to listen to and read.  Once that work is done, the firm handling the investigation could, in theory, begin the process of attempting to im
Albany to Limit Fan Attendance for Empire Games
Many people in the Capital Region - myself included - can't wait for the Empire to make their return to Albany first time since their 2019 Arena Bowl Championship.  And while it may not be quite as loud as we remember it, it's not because of a lack of fan support for the indoor football league we've grown to love.  For us, it's strictly a numbers game, and on Monday it was announced how many fans
Man Blows Off Fireworks Inside Walmart
A Connecticut man was arrested over the weekend after police say he blew up fireworks inside a local Walmart on Saturday.  Once he was apprehended inside the store, police questioned him about the incident, and what he told them might blow you away.
Police Say Adirondack Cabin Was Rigged to Explode When Owners Entered
Imagine trying to get in the front door to your home, car, or in this case a hunting cabin, only to learn that someone had rigged it to explode upon opening.  Something like this would be terrifying at the least, catastrophic - or perhaps even deadly - at the worst.  But that's what happened when the owners of an Adirondack cabin tried get inside.  As a result, one Rotterdam man has been arrested,

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