Cute Puppies for Sale Online?  Don't be Duped!

The puppies look cute and the online profile looks legit enough for (some) people to fall for an online puppy scam that dupes them out of their hard-earned money.

The New York State Police (Troop B) say they've been looking into multiple incidents where posers are pretending to be selling cute puppies on Facebook, and that's where the scam begins.

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Once the person shows interest in the puppy, the scam artist asks them to make an online payment using a cash app, and once they do, the customer is invited to pick up the puppy.

According to State Police, customers are then told to pick up the puppy at a specific location, but once they get there, the person has no idea what they're talking about.


"State Police in New York have been investigating multiple incidents where an individual(s) is lying about selling puppies. The suspect(s) is using Facebook to get people’s attention. After they speak with the victim(s), they are having them log onto CashApp and pay them through that app. Once the victim(s) pays the suspect(s), they provide an address to pick up the puppies" NYSP


Here's an example of a text exchange between an alleged scam artist and a potential customer, and remember, if it looks shady it probably is.

Photo: NYSP Facebook
Photo: NYSP Facebook

Troop B serves Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, and St. Lawrence County, and State Police warn that these scammers could be working across the entire state and victims "would like everyone in the surrounding areas in Troop B cautious when dealing with individuals selling items on Facebook."

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