If you are looking for an example of phenomenal police work look no further than this!

The feeling of having your bicycle stolen isn't a feeling any of us wants to experience. Just imagine one day you leave your bike somewhere and come back a short time later and it's gone!

That exact thing happened to me just last summer while I was on vacation in Wildwood, New Jersey and I have to say it was an awful feeling. The disappointed, sunken feeling in my stomach was helped by the local New Jersey police because when I reported it they kind of brushed it off like it was my fault. That might be how they do things in New Jersey but when something like that happens in the Hudson Valley our local police respond just a little differently.

Bike Stolen in Fishkill

Back on September 18, 2022, a town of Fishkill Police officer responded to a report of a stolen bicycle, and when Fishkill Officer Caban responded to the call she meet a young man Caeleb. Caeleb was the victim in the case and after he shared what happened with the officer she started an investigation.

The investigation lasted a while but unfortunately stalled after a while and police determined that "insufficient evidence existed to locate the bicycle or the suspect involved".

With no new leads, instead of just giving up, officer Caban decided to take it one step further. According to the town of Fishkill Police Facebook page, she reported the incident to the Town of Fishkill Police Benevolent Association asking if they might be able to help.

Fishkill Police Department
Fishkill Police Department

Town of Fishkill PBA Buys Boy a Bike

When members of the town's PBA received the report they voted in favor of Officer Caban's request to donate $250 toward the purchase of a new bike for Caeleb. As you can see above Caeleb recently got his new bike and couldn't be happier!

Just another example of great police work in the Hudson Valley, great work and thank you for your generosity Officer Caban and the Town of Fishkill PBA.

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