Most of us have most likely had an experience when someone we were with or maybe a strange close by has had a choking episode. It can be scary to watch especially if it is a child. According to recently reported statics from, the number of death in the United States due to choking is increasing with at number of choking deaths in 2021 standing at 5,325.

Just this past week, the Town of Fishkill Police Department released information about a choking incident in which two of their officers were able to save a life. In part, this was because they had proper training and because they were able to assist the victim until EMS from Mobile Life were able to clear the victim's obstructed airway.

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Choking Victim Saved by Town of Fishkill Police and EMS

The incident happened on Wednesday, June 28th, 2023. Sergent Anthony Zebrowski and Officer Ken Anderson were sent by 911 to a home on Addison Road to help a female who was reported to be choking on food. They weren't able to clear the victim's airway but they were able to initiate CPR when the victim became unresponsive.

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This quick thinking by the officers who were then assisted by EMS Mobile Life meant that this victim did not become static.

The officers quick response and life saving efforts in coordination with Mobile Life's intervention allowed them to save the victims life. Exemplary work by all involved and a perfect example of what can be achieved through partnership with our local first responders. (Town of Fishkill Police Department via Facebook)

If you are not familiar with what to do when someone is choking I have found a helpful YouTube video but it is also a good idea to check in at your local fire department or ambulance corp and get training from a professional. Very often local community groups also offer training you can take advantage of so you can be ready in a time of need.

What to do if Someone is Choking

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