One Dutchess County town is doing what it can to never be called the "Self-Storage Capital of New York".

If you are the type of person who has a hard time throwing things away or letting go of "stuff" you really have no use for anymore, the Hudson Valley is one part of New York state that you won't have a problem finding a place outside of your home to store everything. No matter what part of the area you live in the odds say that you have at least 3 or 4 options when it comes to a place to store everything.


Self-Storage in the Hudson Valley

If you haven't noticed over the last few years, there is one business that seems to be expanding all across the Hudson Valley and is quickly becoming the most popular new construction across the state of New York. Think about the last time you drove past a new construction site in the Hudson Valley. If you are anything like me, when I drive past a new site I get a little excited about what might be coming to the area, and almost every time, without fail it's always a new self-storage facility! It happened to me at least 15 times in the last year or so, most recently in Poughkeepsie at the construction site across from the Poughkeepsie Galleria!

Do We Really Need More Self-Storage Locations?

They are popping up everywhere and a lot of area residents aren't happy about it. Take a look on social media anytime a new self-storage place is announced, the comment sections are usually flooded with negative comments. Well, it appears that one Dutchess County town has heard the complaints and is putting the brakes on self-storage facilities within the town.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Fishkill, New York Puts Brakes on Self-Storage Facilities

At a recent town board meeting in Fishkill town officials announced that they have signed off on a 12-month moratorium on self-storage development within the town. The year moratorium will give the town the time it needs to assess zoning and determine proper regulations for new facilities, according to town officials. Town officials also said that the moratorium will not affect any projects that have already been approved but will stop any developers from proposing any new sites.

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The town is hoping that putting the moratorium in place will help distance Fishkill from becoming the "Self-Storage Capital of New York", which is something no Hudson Valley town wants according to a high-ranking town official.

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