Have you seen the historical markers on the side of the road throughout New York State? It is almost a challenge "not" to see them, in New York State there are 1445 of them.

Would you like to see more of these historical markers? How about helping to take care of the ones that are in existence already? The ones that could use some love. The William Pomeroy Foundation, which is one of the organizations that help to put these markers up, needs your assistance to keep these markers in tip top shape.

How can you help take care of these Historical markers?


The Pomeroy Foundation is hosting a National Historic Marker Day on Friday, April 28, 2023. They are asking people to volunteer to clean and preserve the markers to keep them in 'tip-top condition' for many years to come. 

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How can you volunteer to help clean and restore the historical markers?


Volunteers can work as a group or as individuals and The Pomeroy Foundation will also help to supply cleaning supplies (which includes a brush and a cleaning cloth, one per team). If you want to participate, but are unable to do it in person, you can share your photos of your favorite historical markers on social media.

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