The sites, the sounds, the smells, the food, the demolition derby; anyone else longing for the return of state and county fairs?  Well, you're not alone.  A few months ago, Governor Cuomo hinted that the return of state fairs was something that he was prioritizing.

“I personally love the fair. I love what we’ve done with the fair,” the Governor said during a February news conference. He added “If there’s any way we can open it safely, we will.”

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On Monday he told New Yorkers to mark their calendars for the return of the Great New York York State Fair saying, "The Fair must go on, and this year the Fair will go on."

In a press conference in Monday, Cuomo said the fair will run for the full 18 days but there will be some restrictions.  According to Spectrum News, Cuomo explained that "the Fair will run in four sections to maintain crowd sizes to 50% capacity. Concerts, food, rides and the agricultural attractions will be in their own zones, following the state guidelines that apply to them individually."

During the press conference, Governor Cuomo encouraged people to buy tickets and for vendors to start preparing for their return.

According to Spectrum News, the Governor added that some of the details regarding capacity could be adjusted depending on what the data suggests.  If the infection rate is down, capacity could be increased.  Conversely if we see more spikes, the opposite could happen.

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