Hudson Valley residents have been able to experience changes made within local businesses.

The New Paltz, NY community was celebrating the opening of a new cheese lovers restaurant. Residents in Narrowsburg, NY can take their dogs to get a fresh wash while visiting their local car wash.

Those who are eager to start a new business can now own a former fan favorite Hudson Valley restaurant.

Recently, Facebook users shared their excitement for a new cafe and book that opened in Dutchess County, NY.

"Delicious" New Cafe And Bookstore Opens In Dutchess County, NY

In October 2023, this new business made the first, official post on social media. Also in the month of october, they continued to share how they would be opening soon.

Facebook users shared their excitement in the comments section on these posts.

"Can’t wait!! Best of luck ❤️"


"Can’t wait! Wishing you both all the luck with this venture!!!❤️❤️"

In early January of 2024, this new cafe and bookstore shared a sneak peek picture on social media. Additional positive feedback was given from Facebook users.

By mid January, Storybook Cafe announced they were officially open to the public.

Storybook Cafe Has Opened In Pine Plains, NY

Storybook Cafe is a cafe and bookstore located in Pine Plains, NY. They have shared pictures on social media of their new business, food menus and their gratitude for all of the support.

Facebook users continue to share their encouraging words and positive reviews about Storybook Cafe in the comments section of their posts.

"Storybook Cafe is a treasure!! Food is delicious, the environment is comfortable & happy, & the proprietors are friendly! What more could you ask for? Oh- and it's local!!"


"Congratulations to Kenzie & Jessica! Vinni could not stay away & she was helping in the kitchen! So happy you are here Storybook Cafe!"


"I spy a Scentsy Buddy!!! This is so cool!!! Best of luck "


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What Does Storybook Cafe Have On Their Menu In Pine Plains, NY?

Storybook Cafe posts pictures of their menu on social media.

In January 2024, some of their lunch specials featured veggie wraps, salads, BLTs and club melts. Customers were also able to explore their breakfast options such as triple berry stuffed french toast, peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes and a hash and cheddar omelets.

Additional information about this new cafe and bookstore can be found on their social media account.

What cafe is your favorite to visit in the Hudson Valley? Do you know of any that also feature a bookstore? Share more below.

Storybook Cafe

2987 Church St, Pine Plains, NY 12567

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