Hudson Valley pet owners can rejoice. A new pet friendly feature has been added to a local business.

Our furry friends are more than just our animals and pets, they are our companions. Our pets love us unconditionally and bring a sense of joy, calm and happiness to our lives. There are days that our furry friends may make us laugh when we need it the most.

When it comes down to our pets' needs, the majority of pet owners spoil their furry friends with whatever it is that could make them happy, healthy and clean.

Hudson Valley residents can now experience the latest "Car, Truck & Dog Wash"

A New Pet Friendly Feature Has Been Added To A Hudson Valley Car Wash

On social media, the Facebook page for Welcome To Narrowsburg made a post about a new business that opened.

They shared, 

"️Keeping that dog hair out of your drains and making your dog's bath time a whole lot easier."


"The Narrowsburg Sink⁠ is a brand new state of the art dog wash, located adjacent to the Narrowsburg Car Wash. "

Those who bring their pups for a wash receive a choice of flea and tick repellent with a shampoo that also includes a rinse and dry.

The fee for a wash is $12 and it includes a 12 minute session. at The Narrowsburg Sink.

When And Where Can Pet Owners Visit The Hudson Valley's Newest Dog Wash?

The Hudson Valley's one stop cleanse for your vehicle and your pup is now open in Sullivan County, NY.

The Narrowsburg Sink is open daily from 8am until 5pm and is located at 96 Kirds Road at Pete's Plaza in Narrowsburg, NY

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When Did The Narrowsburg Sink Open In The Hudson Valley?

On October 2, 2023, The Narrowsburg Sink made a post on social media.

"Making this biz official! Home of the Narrowsburg Sink. Car, Truck & Dog Wash (coming soon) in Narrowsburg! For all your needs to Keep It Clean ✨ "

They also reminded guests that they can get their truck and car washed while on the same site as the new dog wash.

How Did The Hudson Valley Respond To The Opening Of This New Business?

Canva, Instagram, narrowsburgsink
Canva, Instagram, narrowsburgsink

On the Facebook page for Welcome to Narrowsburg, Facebook users left comments about their impression of this new business.



"We need more of these what a great idea!!!"


"What a great idea !!"


"how cute is this"

Have you ever been to a dog wash before? Will you visit The Narrowsburg Sink? Share more below.

The Narrowsburg Sink

96 Kirds Road, Narrowsburg, NY

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