Over the last few weeks, I have been watching people come up with really creative ways to spend time during their version of social distancing.

Maybe you have worked your way through your entire Netflix cue, Hulu and every board-game that your family will spend time playing. Have you made the magic move to jigsaw puzzles yet?

Get one, clear off the kitchen/dining room table, turn on the radio and have at it. What you will realize is that a great deal of time has passed with the only stress you have had is 'Is this sky? Is this really an edge?"

Of course watch out for the cheeky family member who hoards a piece so they can be the one to insert that last piece and steal your triumph.

Here are a few puzzles that I was checking out. This one is completely clear. Yep, allegedly it is super tough because you really don't have an idea as to which is up, down, sideways, etc. Would you try this puzzle?

Then I did a search for some tougher puzzles on Amazon and I was pretty surprised as to not only the piece count (9000 and 5000) but also the price of some of the puzzles. You could easily find yourself paying more than $250 for one of these beauties. The images are stunning, but how long will it take you to finish them and will someone be fussing at you to get it off the kitchen table? Good luck. Feel free to submit photos to us, using the submit media tab on the 94.3 Lite FM mobile app. I can't wait to see what you are working on.

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