Getting a little antsy because you are stuck at home? I am feeling the same way, so I have started cleaning and going through the closets and cupboards. What I found was three bottles of vodka that each were about half full (must have been from when friends were visiting from out-of-town).

So I did some research as to what I can do with these left over bottles of vodka (because I wasn't going to be drinking it) and in the spirit of Covid-19, here are 19 of them. These tips were complied from sites like,

  1.  Use vodka to make a long lasting ice pack.
  2. Cure a jellyfish sting (Forgive me if I don't personally test this to see if it works)
  3. Use it to get rid of smelly armpits and feet. (Should I ask how someone discovered this?)
  4. Use it as an aftershave. (Hmmm.... should we remove the olives first?)
  5. Clean your hands with it. (This is why liquor stores are reporting runs on vodka right now, because people are using it when they can't get hand sanitizer).
  6. Use it to clean windows. (Since you are stuck inside, might as well be able to see the outside).
  7. Use it as a fabric/carpet disinfectant. Put the vodka in a spray bottle, and then spray clothing or carpets, allow to dry. Allegedly, it will remove odors and also disinfect them.
  8. Spray it in your sneakers to remove the bad smell. (Wait, how much vodka do you have left over? Might not be enough to get rid of sneaker odor!)
  9. Use it to remove mold or grease from a surface. Spray on the item, then use a small brush to scrub it clean.
  10. Use it to remove sticky residue, like what is left over after you have tried to remove a price tag from something.
  11. You can use it as a mouthwash. (Good luck with this, it sound like it would burn).
  12. Use it to help keep cut flowers fresh. Add one tablespoon of plain vodka to your flowers water.
  13. Use it in place of ice water in your pie crust. According to the tip, it makes the crust flakier and the alcohol bakes out.
  14. Use the leftover vodka to make your own extracts. IE, soak vanilla beans in vodka to make your own homemade vanilla extract.
  15. Use it to help with dandruff. Here is the tip "Mix one cup of vodka with two teaspoons of rosemary and let sit for two days.  Strain and use as a rinse to remove shampoo build-up, or as a leave-in scalp treatment."
  16. Use it to keep your toothbrush clean. Once a week soak your toothbrush in vodka for 3 minutes, then allow to air dry.
  17. Use it as a spray to disinfect your countertops.
  18. Use it to polish your bathroom fixtures. Apply to a clean cloth and then use it to wipe down the fixtures and knobs.
  19. Ok, fine. You are stuck inside one Martini or Cosmo, probably wouldn't hurt?

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