So you have to spend time with your family because you are trying to keep them safe and from getting the COVID-19 aka Corona Virus. Have you gotten to the point that you are playing board games? Maybe you have. Not sure if your family is like mine, where we take these games way to seriously. Keep in mind that there is a reason I do not or will not play Scrabble, but that story is for another time.

As we look around to get things delivered to our homes, I visited the Barnes & Noble website to see what their top board game sellers were, here's what they had listed as what people are buying right now:

  • Monopoly, Classic Edition
  • Clue, Harry Potter Edition
  • Parcheesi, Royal Edition (Can anyone explain this game to me? I have never played it).
  • Risk 1959
  • Forbidden Island

Of course the games listed above are considered 'family friendly.' But say you are with a group of your adult friends? What are the games that people might reach for to have fun with? Have you played any of these?

  • Disturbed Friends: This Party Game Should Be Banned. This game puts you in randomly weird situations, where you and your friends have to decide what to do.
  • Settlers of Catan. Ok, remember Oregon Trail? Let's not admit our ages, but this game is more of a 'real-life' modern day version of that and you have to see if you can survive.
  • Cards Against Humanity. Classic game and perfect with three or more people and possibly some beers or other adult beverages.

What are the games that you are playing? Let us know. 

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