Over the last few weeks of isolation we have looked at the popular board games that people are playing during isolation and also taken a peek at the video games that seem to be distracting 14-year-olds across the planet, but what about jigsaw puzzles?

What are the jigsaw puzzles that you kids are asking for (and thus probably sold out everywhere)? According to the best selling info on Barnes and Noble.com, here are the ones that your kids are wanting to get their hands on (keep in mind parents, these puzzles take time to complete. Sometimes, they take HOURS, ya with me?

  1. Cobble Hill - French Village, 1000 pieces
  2. This Land is Your Land, 100 pieces
  3. Toy Story, 100 pieces
  4. Adorable Cinderella 100 piece glitter puzzle
  5. Map of the USA, 25 piece jumbo puzzle (bigger pieces = smaller hands)

If you need the puzzle quickly, look for a store that has an order online, but pick up at the store option. I have purchased my two puzzles this same way. Both titles had been sold out online, but were available at the Newburgh location. When I got to the store, I called (as per their email) to let them know I was there for pick up, and in moments, someone was delivering my package to the door, where touch-free delivery was possible.

Submit photos of the puzzle you are working on using the submit photo/video option on the app menu. Can't wait to see what you are working on!

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