By now I think I've watched all the television shows and movies available to view and I'm starting to get to the point where I need something else to help me pass the time.

A few people around work have mentioned that they have been working on puzzles and explained how it's a great way to relax, but still keep yourself occupied.

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I'm going to call this person "The Hudson Valley Puzzle Master" because from the start of this pandemic he has been working on a bunch of them.

Boris from 'The Boris and Robyn Show' on WPDH was nice enough to give me a few tips on picking the right puzzle for a newbie like me.

  • Tip #1-What design? The design of the puzzle is very important. He mentioned a 500 piece puzzle can be more complicated compared to an 1,000 piece one if the design is difficult. Also, avoid puzzles with lots of blue sky or water because the pieces all look similar.
  • Tip# 2- What size? A general 1,000 piece puzzle is a good one to start with. He mentioned to try to find a "busy scene" with different elements that will help you identify where each piece goes.
  • Tip #3- Where to find one? Right now with everything going on, it can be tricky to find a puzzle, Boris mentioned eBay is always a good option to find one. He did give a disclaimer **Beware of buying used puzzles because pieces can be missing from it.**
  • Tip #4- Where should I complete it? This can be tricky because you don't want the puzzle to take over your whole dining room. He said it's usually a good idea to dedicate a table somewhere to it, this way you don't feel rushed to complete it.

Thank you Boris for the tips!

I'll keep you posted on my puzzle progress. Have you been working on a jigsaw puzzle? Send us a picture using the 94.3 Lite Fm app.

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