Now that some things are getting back to normal, there are more and more people traveling. That means that the Transportation Security Administrating needs to hire more agents at some New York airports including Albany International Airport.

TSA is diligently searching to hire new employees at the Syracuse, Buffalo, and Albany airports. There are a variety of positions available both full and part-time. There is an incentive to get a five hundred dollar bonus right away and then another five hundred dollar bonus again at a later date. Also, pay will increase after six months of becoming a TSA agent. The benefits are good too. They offer paid training along with annual and sick leave plus very good health care plans.

If you are looking to get more information on what is expected of a Transportation Security Administrator, you can watch a TSA-produced video that explains "Day in the Life of a TSA Agent". According to News 10 ABC, jobs at the Albany International Airport start at $16.48 per hour.

I am so happy that we can travel again. With more people traveling, it allows our airports to hire more TSA agents. More travel equals more people working. I have always had a great experience while traveling through the Albany International Airport. I seem to be the one who says they have to do extra searches every once in a while. But those TSA agents are nothing but professional and take their jobs very seriously. I always feel super safe traveling from the Albany International Airport.

If you are interested in applying for any of the TSA positions, you can click HERE.

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