World Meditation Day is May 21, 2020. Should we meditate to mark the day? How does one do that? Can we possibly slow down enough to do this?

The only reason I even know that there is such a thing as World Meditation Day is because I checked out Calm and Headspace, when they teamed up with the State of New York to offer mindfulness programs, including meditations and sleep meditations after the start of the Covid-19 illness outbreak.

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It was free to all New York residents, so I figured I would check it out. Granted there was only a small portion of the app and website that were free, but free is for me and I knew that I was getting stressed out about things that normally I would not think twice about, like getting gas for the car or going to the bank drive-up window.

So, I checked it out and found the sleep mediation super helpful and then the sleep sounds (think 45 minutes of the sound of the ocean, mixing with rain, mixing with the sounds of whales?) both of which were helpful to slow my mind and body down enough to not only get to sleep, but to stay asleep the whole night.

So will I pop in my earbuds and do a meditation on May 21? Yes, most certainly. The biggest thing that I discovered from using this app is that I only need to take 10-15 minutes at a time to slow down, breathe and re-group. I'm sure that the people I come into contact with on a daily basis have also appreciated it.

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