Things getting a little stressful? Maybe you are getting anxious or having trouble sleeping?

Trust in this, You are not alone. I too am constantly worried that myself of someone I know and love will be stricken with this virus. I am constantly worried that something will happen with the economy, that more people will be out of jobs, that the isolation will continue into July and that there will never be grocery store shelves that will be 100% stocked ever again.

Is some of this worry justified? Only I can say that for myself, but there are programs that can help me and you put things into perspective and to be able to let go or cope with some of the anxiousness and stress.

There is a website and app called "Headspace" that has teamed up with the State of New York to offer some free programs (no, not all of their programs are free, but there are quite a few that you can take advantage of at no cost) which include sleep meditation, stress reduction and mindfulness. Do you need these programs? Will you benefit from them? Only you can decide.

Here are a few things (according to the Headspace website) that they are wanting to help you with:

  • Reduce stress in just 10 days so you can feel less overwhelmed
  • Boost compassion and resilience to help build greater empathy for others
  • Reduce negative emotions to help you navigate through tough moments

So you might think that it is hokey, but for someone who wasn't able to sleep for more than a few hours a night, the sleep meditations have really helped, I am up to 6 hours of sleep at a stretch.

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