Do you think New York should include a driver's weight on their license?

If you are a licensed driver in New York State, have you ever noticed that our licenses don't have one "characteristic" that many states do? All New York driver's licenses have most of our basic information on them including a picture, full name, address, date of birth, sex, eye color, and height but there is one thing that is not on them that other states require.


Weight on Driver's Licenses

New York's Department of Motor Vehicle is one of the state DMVs that doesn't require anyone interested in obtaining a driver's license to disclose how much they weigh. In other states like Maryland, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Washington, when you go to get your license, there is a section of the application that requires drivers to say how much they currently weigh. Thankfully, New York is not one of those states, but some drivers are wondering why New York doesn't include weight.


Why Doesn't New York Have Weight on Drivers Licenses?

I am not a DMV expert but after asking around, I've come up with a few reasons why New York DMV doesn't require it.

First, In New York drivers have to renew their license every 8 years and for most of us what we weighed 8 years ago is way different than what we weigh today...LOL! The second reason is a simple one, most people will lie about it anyway!!! In the states that do require a "weight disclosure," the DMV doesn't weigh you while you are at the DMV, they take your word for it and you're not alone if you lie when someone asks how much you weigh.

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Most People Lie

If you currently have a license take a look at the height section. Is your height actually how tall you are? I know my license states that I'm 5'8'' and back when I filled out my information 30+ years ago I was hopeful I would end up being that tall. On a good day, I top out around 5'7''.....LOL!

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Should New York Include Weight?

Personally, I don't think should be required due to the reasons I gave above but some say that New York should because it could help when it comes to correctly identifying people. What do you think? Should New York require a weight disclosure on driver's licenses? Let us know by texting us through our station app above.

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