Do you like the new Mid-Hudson license plate?

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicle (NYSDMV) has spent the last month releasing brand new regional license plates that highlight some of the state's popular regions. The NYSDMV has scattered the release of the new plates throughout the month of June with the new license plates highlighting places like the Capital Region, Saratoga, and Western New York to name a few.

We have shared updates as the DMV has released every new plate (see all of them below) anxiously waiting to see what the new Mid-Hudson plate would look like! After waiting all month the NYSDMV has revealed the new plate...

New York State Department of Motor Vehicle
New York State Department of Motor Vehicle

Mid-Hudson Region License Plate

Yup, that is what the DMV has decided to go with to represent the Mid-Hudson region of New York State. First, let me say that I normally don't complain about things like this because honestly I don't plan on paying the $60+ to drive around with these plates on my car but we can't be alone thinking that they could have gone with a better picture of the Hudson Valley. As you can see in the picture above, the plate features a picture of a mountain valley area, and the Hudson River (we think) and that's it.

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What the New Mid-Hudson Plate Should Look Like

We are far from artistic but I do think that we could have picked out a better picture for the new license plates. For example how about a picture of something that includes the Walkway Over the Hudson? It's only one of the coolest places in the entire state. How about a picture including both a bridge and the Walkway...

Mid-Hudson Bridge, aerial shot, Hudson River, Poughkeepsie
Patrick Tewey

What do you think of the new Mid-Hudson plate? Do you like it or do you think the DMV could have done better? Here's another picture we took that we think would have looked better...

Mid-Hudson Bridge, City of Poughkeepsie, Poughkeepsie Waterfront, Hudson River

Here are all of the newly released license plates...

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