Picture this. It is your snack time, you reach for your special snack pack of Ritz crackers with that cheese product filling. You unwrap them, something seems different, the smell is off maybe? Maybe it's the way the wrapper is ever so slightly sticking to the crackers? 

Your stomach chimes in (loudly! Saying "Feed Me Seymour!). You are hungry so you just start munching away. It takes you a moment, your brain is telling your something isn't right here. You figure out what it is. Your Ritz Crackers say "Cheese" on them, but in fact you are eating ones with Peanut Butter Filling. *GASP*

Let's hope that you do not have a nut allergy and that you are able to eat the non-cheese crackers with no issue.

Mondelez Global, the parent company of Nabisco and Ritz Crackers, announced a voluntary recall on select RITZ Cheese Cracker Sandwiches Family Size (21.6 oz. carton) because someone accidentally out the peanut butter ones in these packages.

The affected products are from the 21.6 oz package with the following Best By Dates:

  • 18SEP20
  • 20SEP20
  • 28SEP20
  • 29SEP20
  • 30SEP20
  • 01OCT20
  • 02OCT20

If you have the items, return them to place of purchase for a refund or exchange.

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