Are you searching for adventure and a little Hudson Valley history lesson? Look no further than Bannerman Castle.

Did you know that Bannerman Island was formerly known as Pollepel? Did you know that the name Pollepel came from a story about a young girl falling through the ice of the Hudson and was rescued by a man she would later marry?

I knew none of these things until I did a little research about the infamous Bannerman Castle that sits on the Pollepel Island in Dutchess County. You could learn facts like this and so much more as a volunteer at Bannerman.

Over the weekend the Bannerman organization shared on Facebook that they are currently looking for volunteers for the 2021 season.

In a statement they shared:

We're currently seeking adventurous, enthusiastic volunteers to assist us with gardening and light maintenance out on Bannerman Island, during the upcoming season. Volunteer trips typically go out to the Island on Wednesday mornings for a few hours, departing from Cornwall. Bannerman Island operates with COVID-19 safety protocols.

Volunteers can sign up for one day of work or throughout the season stating "The most important part of volunteering is being passionate about helping us to continue to keep the Island beautiful, and following through with what you commit to."

Much like the events at Bannerman Castle, their volunteer program fills up quickly. If you're interested in becoming a Bannerman volunteer visit their volunteer website to sign up as soon as possible.

Want to brush up on your Bannerman Castle knowledge? Here are some more fun facts:

  • There have only been 5 owners of Bannerman Island: William Van Wyck of Fishkill, Mary G. Taft of Cornwall, Francis Bannerman of Brooklyn, New York, and The Jackson Hole Preserve.
  • The Bannermans purchased the island from the Taft family in 1900. Construction began on the castle in 1901.
  • Some Indian tribes believed the island to be haunted.
  • Bannerman Castle was added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 23, 1982.


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