Maybe it's just me, but I keep looking for things to do here, locally, in the Hudson Valley that give me even just a glimmer of 'How it Used to Be.'

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You know, like a year ago? It was the middle of March 2020 when New York was put on pause.

Over the course of the last year, you have had to learn to be a bit more creative in how you celebrate anything. Ah, remember when you could just grab a friend or your sweetie and head to a winery? Something simple like a wine tasting that wasn't a 'big operation?' Remember those days?

So when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day 2021, there is one place I found that is keeping their Valentine's tradition alive, and it just so happens to be at a winery! Wine and cheese and chocolate? Yep! The winery is Benmarl and it is located in Marlboro.

How cool is it that a local winery is putting together a 'safe and socially distant' experience for you and your friends or sweetheart.

includes a seated wine tasting (Four different wines) and curated cheese board featuring our favorite Hudson Valley cheeses, locally sourced jams, house-made Chocolates, and other accouterments (sic).


What do you miss most? Is it doing something simple like running to the store to get groceries? Heading out to the movies? Maybe even just meeting a friend for coffee or at your favorite pub for a drink?

If you could pick one thing to do today, what would it be? Head to NYC to see a show? Attend a live concert? Head to a winery for a wine tasting? Share with us, what you miss the most!


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