One thing we are not shy of in the Hudson Valley are spectacular views, and wineries/distillers. Often, we are inundated by many national brands along with big media forcing certain agendas on us. In the Hudson Valley; however, we have ample opportunity to disconnect, take in the outdoors, and sample locally made and produced wines and spirits.

Going out to a local winery is a great idea for a number of occassions

  • Date Night: Take your significant other out for a special night of wine tastings and ambience. Even if you're on a budget for your date nights, most local wineries are more affordable than you may think. Have a relaxing night out to enjoy each other's company.
  • Friend's Outing: You want to grab a drink with some friends, but you really don't care for the bar atmosphere? Do you actually want to be able to hear your friends talk? Going out to a winery is cool, calm and collected, which is great when you are reconnecting with friends you haven't seen in a while, or it's nice when you need to unwind after a crazy week.
  • Take the Family Out: Though the children can't enjoy the wine, I've been to a number of wineries that have lawn games and ample fields for the kids to enjoy. I'll see a lot of young parents bring their toddlers out for a stroll and some wine at a few wineries. When the weather is nice, it's a sweet getaway without having to get all too far away.
  • Music and Activities: Many wineries will offer live music on weekends or for special occasions. I've played a few myself, and they can be a refreshing change from performing in the bar scene. Again, it's typically never anything rowdy; however, the music is there to help enhance the atmosphere and engage with the community.

Did I give you enough reasons as to why you need to hit up at least one of our fine Hudson Valley establishments? Start your wine excursion by checking out these 10 Ulster County Wineries.

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