Times are tough for a local animal shelter.

The Ulster County SPCA's mission is to "prevent cruelty to animals by providing temporary shelter and finding adoptive homes for homeless, abused, and neglected animals." With that being said, the Kingston-based animal shelter is currently at 130% capacity when it comes to the dogs in their shelter.

That's a lot of bellies to feed and unfortunately, the Ulster County SPCA is running low on supplies. They took to Facebook and shared:

We NEED dog food! The cupboards are bare!! At 130% capacity for dogs, we're nearly out of dog food at the shelter. That's a lot of puppers to feed! With empty shelter shelves, we are also extremely low in our community food pantry, which helps us keep pets out of the shelter and in their homes.

The Ulster County SPCA goes on to add that wet and dry food donations are needed and as for brands, they prefer Blue Buffalo, Iams, or Pedigree. With that being said, any donation is welcomed and appreciated.

If you're interested in dropping off a donation, there is a donation box at the end of the Ulster County SPCA sidewalk at 20 Wiedy Road in Kingston.  You can also send donations through Amazon and other online sites. The Ulster County SPCA makes it very easy with an Amazon Wishlist to donate from.

The Ulster County SPCA is a private, nonprofit organization and they do not receive any funding from "ASPCA, nor any federal, state, or county agencies." This means they rely on the help of the community from donations to volunteers donating their time.

For more details about the Ulster County SPCA and how to donate or volunteer visit UCSPCA.org. 

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