One of my favorite things as a kid was the concept of the Easter Bunny. Don't Get me wrong I love Santa and the Great Pumpkin but the Easter Bunny has a cool gig. He hops from house to house hiding toys, candy and eggs. We could all use a good egg hunt right now but reality is we won't be having one any time soon thanks to the COVID 19 outbreak.

A lot of places have had to cancel their Easter Bunny photos and egg hunts. Today the Tillson Volunteer Fire Department announced on their Facebook page that they have to cancel the Annual Easter Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. Fortunately though they have an alternate plan. They have teamed up with some local businesses and are planning an Easter Parade around the district. The Easter Bunny will be part of the parade.

It is probably a good idea to check with your local fire house that may have had a similar event scheduled to see if they will be doing something different. After all the kids might enjoy standing in the driveway watching the bunny go by and you can always have breakfast and an egg hunt around your house. The Easter Bunny likes to get out and about as evidenced in the Easter Bunny photos below.

Easter Bunny Moments

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