I have a thing for The Golden Rail Ale House in Newburgh. It’s where I hung out for years when I was in my twenties. There wasn’t a Friday night that went by that you wouldn’t find my friends and me at The Golden Rail. Fast forward a few decades, and since I don’t live in Newburgh anymore I don’t get there that often, but if I’m in the area I stop in.

But I am certainly not the claim to fame for The Golden Rail. Far from it. Besides having a fun atmosphere and a huge selection of craft beers, The Golden Rail has been featured in four movies so far, with a fifth on the way. For some reason, film crews love The Golden Rail Ale House as much as I do. And what movies feature The Golden Rail?

Probably the biggest is the original Super Troopers from 2001. I love watching that movie just for the Hudson Valley scenes, especially the ones filmed at my old stomping grounds at The Golden Rail. The other movies that The Golden Rail has been in are Trick, Slapface, and the soon-to-be-released The Way Out. And what about movie number 5?

A film crew will be at The Golden Rail this week to film scenes for a new film that they can’t say too much about yet, but we can tell you the title is One Wild Fall. The Golden Rail just might be the most famous building in Newburgh. But please don’t tell that to Washington’s Headquarters.

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