If you grew up in Newburgh in the 1970s and 1980s, you probably have your own history with the Golden Rail Ale House. You could find me there just about every weekend in the early 1980s. I even dated one of the bartenders for a couple of weeks. My memories are fun, but probably not considered historic.

Fast forward to 1995. Brian Butler, also a Golden Rail regular in the 70s and 80s, buys the Golden Rail. And it becomes the Golden Rail Ale House, one of the first establishments in the area to carry craft beers. That’s historic.

Do You Know About the Movies?

The Golden Rail Ale House has been featured in several movies, including the ever-popular Super Troopers from 2001. It’s pretty cool seeing your old stomping grounds in the movies. All historic, but the history I’m talking about goes way back.

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The Golden Rail is actually located right off North Plank Road in Newburgh on a little road called old North Plank Road. It seems that after talking with the Town Historian, Brian found out that North Plank Road, and South Plank Road, I assume, were actually made of planks that had to be maintained. And somebody had to pay for that.

That’s where the toll house comes in. The oldest part of the Golden Rail was actually a toll house. You may have played pool or even used the bathroom in the old toll house. Eventually, North Plank Road was altered to make things easier, and that’s why the Golden Rail is on Old North Plank Road.

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Now, that’s what I call history. Brian’s version is much more detailed and interesting than mine, but that’s it in a nutshell. Big thanks to Brian Butler for sharing that story, and for keeping the history of Newburgh's favorite ale house alive.

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