After almost 13 years in business and more contributions to the City of Newburgh’s revival than you can imagine, The Wherehouse in Newburgh was vandalized this week. The Wherehouse was one of the first businesses to open on what is now the very hip Liberty Street area of the City of Newburgh. It’s home to good food, drinks, local live music, and a real feel of the community. A quote from owner Daniel Brown’s Facebook page reads

The Wherehouse was targeted with vandalism last night. With "trendy" or politically motivated bull****. Any of you that know us know that we have always been involved as best we can to the continued growth and community of Newburgh. For the record we stay A-political. In our business in fact we really do not subscribe to people discussing politics in the restaurant. In fact we view the Wherehouse As a safe haven from all the madness circulating on Television on a global level. That being said... In essence you picked the wrong place for your bored little non artistic tantrum”

Fortunately, the vandalism was contained to the outside. Owner Daniel Brown said that it was just paint, which has been removed, but it’s unsettling just the same. Brown says that he believes the symbols may be some sort of white supremacy crosses, although he can’t confirm that. He added that in the 13 years that The Wherehouse has been in business, they’ve never had troubles, and hopefully this is an isolated incident.

Does any good ever come from horrible crimes like this? Sometimes the community comes together and becomes stronger. This Friday night at 7PM, there will be a Support The Wherehouse event, organized by local resident Steve Majano.

The Wherehouse incident is not the only recent vandalism in the Hudson Valley. Over the weekend, Sweetbakes Cafe in Wappingers Falls was also vandalized, leaving extensive damage and the destruction of expensive cakes. C’mon Hudson Valley, we’re better than that.

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