Late last week the Orange County Drug Task Force was successful in apprehending a Middletown couple in possession of an absolutely insane amount of the incredibly potent and powerful drug known as 'fentanyl' as well as other drugs. The arrest of the couple came following a months-long investigation in which multiple police agencies participated in the successful arrest of the couple.


Details About Middletown Couple Drug Bust

Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler as well as Orange County Sheriff Paul Arteta spoke about the Middletown couples arrest. The event took place on June 7th after law enforcement obtained and executed a search warrant at the residence of Vinny Hannon and Amanda Brown.

Upon searching the residence, police found approximately 900 bags worth of fentanyl as well as other drugs such as oxycodone, alprazolam, clonazepam. In addition, police also found the couple in possession of more than $18,000 in cash.

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It was stated that this bust was the culmination of four months worth of investigation by participating law enforcement agencies. Hannon and Brown each were charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance among other charges. Following arraignment, Brown was released under their own recognizance as the totality of her charges 'are otherwise not bail-eligible'. Hannon was already on parole for prior drug charges so following his arraignment he was sent to Orange County Jail in lieu of bail.

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Middletown Drug Stops Potential Disaster

This may read like a 'gotcha' line but saying that this drug bust prevented potential disaster is not an exaggeration. As many of us have come to learn in recent months, fentanyl is an incredibly powerful drug that when used improperly can lead to death very easily.

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This fact was not lost on Sheriff Arteta who when speaking about the arrest, emphasized why getting this much illegal fentanyl off the street is a huge win for local law enforcement. Sheriff Arteta stated...

Nine hundred bags of fentanyl, that is thousands of lives that could have been destroyed and lives we could have lost...900 chances for this to fall into the hands of our children. The negative possibilities of what could have happened with 900 bags of fentanyl are terrifying...


DA Hoovler would echo these same sentiments of the sheriff and sumized that the total amount of fentanyl collected from the search was enough to potentially kill '25,000 people' and added that the thought of what this fentanyl could have done is 'terrifying'. Sheriff Arteta would go on to assert that law enforcement in the area would continue to fight the scourge that the opioid epidemic has become.

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