Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been giving extra love to all of our frontline workers.

Those working on the frontline and as first responders have been through one of the most stressful years to date, so if there's any way to give back to them we want to share it.

Due to the recent rise in Coronavirus cases around the US, Starbucks has decided to give free coffee to frontline workers.

ABC7 NY is reporting that all December long, Starbuck will be giving out free coffee to members of the front line. According to the report that includes the following :
Health Care Providers
Active-duty Military
Public Health Workers
Police officers
Dentists & Dental Hygienists
Mental Health Workers: Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Counselor, etc.
Hospital Staff: Janitors, Housekeeping and Security.

Starbucks Vice President, Virginia Tenpenny said in a statement "We want to show our deep gratitude for those who support and protect us every day with a small gesture of kindness and a cup of coffee."

Frontline workers and first responders will be able to enjoy a free tall brewed ice or hot coffee at participating Starbucks locations. This promotion is available in-stores or through online orders. If you're ordering online you must enter the code FREECOFFEEE.

Free Starbucks coffee for frontline workers and first responders will be available until December 31st, 2020.

Starbucks has given "more than 2 million free cups of coffee to frontline workers this year" and has "donated more than $1 million in support of frontline responders since March"


The Starbucks 2020 Holiday Cups

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