Have you thanked a first responder lately?

The Hudson Valley is lucky to have such dedicated heroes right in our area. From our military, firefighters, police officers, EMT and more, these first responders provide their skills and bravery to the community.

An new wellness business is offering a free service to first responders in the Hudson Valley.

New Wellness Sanctuary Opens In Orange County, NY

SUNSTONE Sanctuary is located in Chester, NY. This "Crystals & Wellness Sanctuary" has gained attention of local residents with their unique and healing services.

SUNSTONE Sanctuary opened on September 8, 2023, they had a Grand Rising Community special event with their grand opening weekend following that date.

SUNSTONE Sanctuary shared,

"It serves as a place for people to visit and connect to their mind, body and soul on a deeper level."


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What Does SUNSTONE Sanctuary Offer In The Hudson Valley?

I love all things related to wellness, self care, crystals and sound therapy. It seems as if SUNSTONE Sanctuary has something for everyone.

They offers massages, infrared sauna sessions and PEMF/ Infrared BioMat sessions. Events and workshops also take place on site.

Sound therapy, energy healings, a crystals and wellness retail space and more are also available at SUNSTONE Sanctuary.

SUNSTONE Sanctuary shared, 

"At the heart of the Sanctuary is an amazing collective of practitioners who bring their knowledge and expertise of the Integrative Healing Arts to the community."

SUNSTONE Sanctuary Is Offering A Free Service For First Responders

SUNSTONE Sanctuary provided information about a free service they'll be offering.

"Are YOU or someone you know a first responder? On February 25th, in the spirit of giving back to the community, we are proudly collaborating with BELFOR Property Restoration to bring NADA Acupuncture protocol at NO COST to First Responders as a way to express appreciation for their tireless dedication and service.


NADA acupuncture helps to treat PTSD, trauma, pain, grief and induce relaxation of the nervous system. We are offering this to our community of First Responders as a way to say thank you.


Kindly reserve your spot at the link: ➡️ https://sunstonesanctuary.as.me/Firstresponders

With Gratitude,

Jenni DeLillo

Owner / Sanctuary Mama"

SUNSTONE Sanctuary "expresses appreciation" for first responders with a free acupuncture service. Those who are interested can join this event on Saturday February 24, 2024 at 10am for the NADA Protocol Acupuncture for First Responders workshop.

Currently, there are 16 spots available, it's suggested to reserve your spot. Additional information about this free service at SUNSTONE Sanctuary can be found on their website and social media accounts.

Additional Workshops And Classes Are Being Offered At SUNSTONE Sanctuary

Upcoming classes and workshops will take place at SUNSTONE Sanctuary. Guests can enjoy their somatic salsa, soul candy crystals class, Kirtan celebration, crystal sanctuary sound meditation and more.

Follow along to explore more of SUNSTONE Sanctuary healing events and workshops on their social media platforms.

SUNSTONE Sanctuary

2952 NY-94 Suite 101, Chester, NY 10918

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