The Dutchess County Fair kicked off earlier this week in Rhinebeck. And while we love fair season, it's one of the biggest signs that things are going to start to change again.

As August comes to a close, families across the Hudson Valley begin their Back-to-School preparation. Heading to the mall for new sneakers and clothes then hitting up your favorite supply store for #2 pencils and notebooks. The craziness has only just begun!

Is Summer Over in The Hudson Valley?

With that being said, there are some surefire signs that summer is coming to an end for those of us in the Hudson Valley. As we mentioned earlier, the Dutchess County Fair is one of them.

For me personally, it's when the Marist College students return to the dorms. I've seen some crazy stuff driving to the radio station, which is right down the road from Marist, over the years.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But without fail those last weeks in August are when I see the walk-of-shames and the garbage left outside after a wild part. I'm no even kidding, I had to swerve out of the way of a broken Tito's bottle in the middle of the road this week. So, in my eyes...summer is coming to a close.

What are the signs that summer is over in the Hudson Valley?

We asked you on Facebook to chime in with your 'End of Summer Signs' and this is what you gave us:

Christine checked in with us on Facebook and said "The Halloween candy in stores!" If we follow Christine's logic then summer is definitely over, I saw the black and orange bags lining the supermarket candy aisle just the other day.

Anne wrote "When this purple flower blooms" and added this photo:

Ann Sheerin Pirock, Facebook
Ann Sheerin Pirock, Facebook

I'm not too sure what kind of flower that is, but I'll be on the lookout as the weather starts to turn.

One of our favorites was from Chrisseh in Pleasant Valley who told us the sign for her that summer is over when she is  "Putting the summer car away for the season :(."

Chrisseh must be rocking with a convertible of some kind, and we're jealous.

So what's your end-of-summer sign? Let us know and we'll add it to our list while we enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Hudson Valley Dog Day Date

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Lainey Wilson Shatters Record at New York State Fair

Before last night, when we last saw country star Lainey Wilson in Upstate New York, she was an "opener" on the Morgan Wallen show last July at SPAC. Wilson had a few big hits under her cowgirl belt at the time, but she was nowhere near the superstar she is just one year later.

While on tour with MW last summer, she wasn't even the "main" opening act, that spot was reserved for Hardy.
Needless to say, since then her rise has been meteoric.

With a starring role on the hit TV show Yellowstone, smash hits "Wait in the Truck" with Hardy, and "Heart Like a Truck", TV commercials, viral TikToks, and a new album, it's no wonder the breakout artist of 2022 is slaying it 2023!

On Wednesday, the bell bottom-wearin', country song beltin' superstar smashed the attendance record at the Great New York State Fair, Lainey Wilson drew 53,200 people, shattering the attendance record for a state fair concert. The previous high was 43,000 set by Nelly at last year's fair.

Ahead of Thursday night's show with Eric Church at SPAC, our fantastic resident photographer Claude Sawyer snapped these images of Wilson during her record-setting performance in Syracuse. Enjoy!

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