So you have been cleaning out your closets and found way to many pairs of jeans that are ripped beyond belief or the zipper is broken and you just know that you will never go to the effort to get it fixed. What do you do? Toss them out?

How about recycling them? Sound crazy? Hear me out. What if your jeans could have a new life? A new life as insulation for someone's home. Well, not just anyone's home, but a Habitat for Humanity Home. Habitat is just one of the beneficiaries of what becomes of recycled jeans, your jeans.

There is a company, Blue Jeans Go Green, that will happily send you a return postage label for your used denim. What do they do with them? Glad you asked. This company helps to turn them into denim insulation for homes.

There are one or two things that you need to do before you can just toss the pants in the post. They will only take your jeans if they are at least 90% cotton, and don't have anything attached to them, like tags, hangers, or any sort of plastic.

Your denim (they will also accept colored, embellished and or printed. They can be ripped, have some serious stains or even be fabric scraps from that awesome project that you finished last year.

To get your return label, you will need to put the items in a shipping box, keep it less than fifty pounds, and then go to their website, give them a little bit of information and then they will send you a UPS label. You can then request UPS come to your home to pick it up (you will need to schedule that through the UPS website) or you can bring the box to the UPS store.

When they have your denim, it starts the recycle process, which will break the fabric down into fibers that will then be used for insulation in homes.

Something to think about? Oh yes! Especially for the jeans that you were just going to toss out anyway.

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