So you have been cleaning out the house and you now have a very large pile of hangers. Clothes hangers. Is there anything that you can do with them? Can you put them in your recycling?

Is there a spot in the Hudson Valley, NY that will take hangers? Like a community recycling center? Is there a place that you can get rid of them, that those hangers will be reused?

What can you do with excess clothes hangers in the Hudson Valley, NY?

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Well, the first question might be, what type of hangers are they? There are very few places that you can recycle any type of hanger, plastic, wood or metal (wire). Sadly, there is not a community recycling hanger program in place currently.

Where should you ask first if you can bring your hangers or recycle them?

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If your hangers are in great condition, and you just want someone to come pick them up at your house, you might check out your local Facebook group, or other community based social networking site. Simply ask if someone needs them. I was able to unload, excuse me, recycle about 20 of the massive stack of hangers, by asking a co-worker if they needed any.

What to do if the hangers are wooden or really strong? Can you take those anywhere?

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My suggestion, ask your favorite thrift store, Goodwill or other Salvation Army store. These places either have too many hangers or never enough. Ask, before you just dump them in a charity bin.

What can you do with too many wire hangers in the Hudson Valley?

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If the hangers that you have too many of are the wire ones like you might get from a dry cleaner, then ask your dry cleaner if there is a way to recycle them or if you can bring hangers with your dry cleaning so they don't have to use new ones on your laundry. It doesn't hurt to ask if they will reuse your hangers, or if they have a recycling program.

When all else fails what can you do with those extra hangers?

Wire Hangers
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If you are still stuck with the excess hangers, and you aren't suddenly inspired to make a creative art project, then you might only be stuck with tossing them. Try to use this as a last resort, ask the neighborhood groups, recycle centers, thrift stores or even co-workers.

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