I am sitting here looking at my water bottle and wondering why we have to pay deposit on these bottles in New York State? Maybe it is to hope that people will actually not toss the bottles on the side of the road, and they will bring the bottles or cans, back to the store and get the money back.

But what happens to all of the money that isn't claimed when people just toss the bottles in the trash? Does that money go to anyone? Or does New York State just get to keep it?

What bottles do you have to pay 5 cent deposit on in New York State?

Bottled Water Craze Outpaces Recycling Efforts
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The types of bottles and cans that you will need to pay a 5-cent deposit on in New York State are carbonated beverages and waters, that are under 1 gallon in size. Sports drinks, you might think that they are under the "water category" but they are not.  If you are charged a deposit on those, you might want to talk to the store manager. 

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What happens to that 5-cent deposit if you don't return your bottles in New York State?


Who gets to keep that money? What I found out is that the business who sells you the bottle (or can) has already paid the deposit, and you essentially are reimbursing them. The business is required to give 80% of the unclaimed money to New York State each quarter.

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